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About US

About US About US About US

Healthcare Solutions Holdings, Inc. “HSI” is a medical service & device company focused on providing clinicians with state-of-the-art diagnostic and therapeutic tools. HSI mission is to provide clinicians with broader access to the most advanced technologies in the Healthcare Industry. Technology proliferation drives progressive methods of testing patients leading to superior patient outcomes. HSI not only helps physicians to deliver better healthcare but also assists them in remaining compliant with industry’s best practices.

Vision – Strategy – Execution

HSI works as a technology aggregator with the worlds leading innovators, developers, and inventors.  So we may bring the state-of-the-art directly into your practice, in both a cost-effective and efficient manner.


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Investor Relations

Investor Relations Investor Relations Investor Relations

Healthcare Solutions has a  strong record of being proactive in establishing policies and practices that support strong corporate governance and transparency in financial reporting. These policies and practices are continually reviewed and enhanced as appropriate. We are fortunate to have a capable, highly engaged, and fiercely independent Board of Directors who take corporate governance very seriously. As a result, we were able to anticipate and incorporate many of the leading edge practices well before they are mandated by recent corporate reform measures.

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HSI's Mission

1 - HSI will contribute to the well-being of humankind by application of technology and research to assist the clinician in the better practice of medicine so they can alleviate pain, restore health, and extend life. HSI's express purpose is to drive superior patient outcomes through innovative technology. 2 - HSI will continuously build the company’s portfolio of the latest advances in biomedical engineering, instruments, medical devices, and diagnostic tests along with their manufacture and the sale of; help educated clinicians of these advances and work towards the proliferation of their use. 3 - HSI will continually strive to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction through continuous assurance and improvements in information, products, and services by developing, documenting and maintaining a comprehensive quality management program 4 - HSI will focus on keeping a healthy profit margin so that the company will have the ability to meet its finical obligation promptly, provided returns to all of the company’s investors, and so that it may sustain its growth and future continuity. 5 - HSI seeks to recognize the individual achievements of its employees and executives; to foster a culture that rewards excellence, handwork, dedication, and loyalty above all. 6 - At all times HSI strives to become and remain a pillar of society.

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  • 1409 S Lamar St, Suite 237, Dallas, TX 75215
  • +1 (866) 668-2188 - Corporate
  • +1 (888) 729-8187 - Operations
  • Healthcare Solutions is comprised of seasoned industry veterans that have a proven track record of success. Our customer and sales support teams work on a 24/7 bases to ensure that no question goes unanswered and that as an organization we are responsive to all inquiries. Please don’t hesitate to contact us today to explore how HSI can help you operate your practice more effectively.